Guided Hiking with Vail Powder Guides

Hike with us in our ski terrain!

After making requests of the USFS for 11 years, Vail Powder Guides was granted user days for hiking in our ski terrain. Our allies at the White River National Forest have permitted us to run guided trail and dispersed hiking trips up Wilder Gulch, Wingle Ridge, Machine Gun Ridge, and Ptarmigan Hill. If you are interested in hiking in our pristine, breathtaking terrain please call us at 719-486-6266 to set up a day with us!

Happy Winter
Thank you for visiting our website! 
We are mostly booked for the upcoming 2022-2023 powder season, with dates available in early April.
Please check back as we may post potential openings in this popup.
We ask that everyone arrive vaccinated against COVID.
If anyone scheduled to ski with us is experiencing any symptoms of sick, please stay home. We strongly recommend mask wearing to protect everyone from the flu, COVID, colds, etc. 
If you hope to ski with us this season, please email us at and use the subject line to let us know dates you might like to join us and we can add you to our wait list. 
Peace, Joy, and Powder-Vail Powder Guides